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The Challenge: Mandalas Around the World - Destination Egypt

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The "Mandalas Challenge Around the World - Destination Egypt" will be held on Instagram and will not have a replay, so sign up now and learn how to make a Mandala from scratch

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Yosymar Vásquez

Founder of DotMandalasForFun

As a certified art therapist at BinduICAT, I learned my first geometry concepts when I was only 5 years old. At school I deepened my studies in geometry and pointillism.


I’ve lived in the United States, England and Brazil and visited more than 30 countries.


These experiences fueled my curiosity about contact with other cultures, diversity and arts.


 In October 2017, I found the Mandalas when I was looking for an artistic activity that would help me cure postpartum depression. I literally found the cure for sadness with the creation of Mandalas.


 I made the decision to dedicate myself to the development of educational content related to the ancient art of Mandalas and help other people to find their cure as well.


 I’ve worked with the Mandala Otauna process through the “Mandalas da Esperança” project.

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